Jonathan Sillence heads up photoshoot for People In Action-funded band

Recently our Creative Director Jonathan Sillence trekked to Leeds where he completed a photoshoot for all-disabled heavy metal act, Ultimate Thunder. The band were in fine form throughout and very enthusiastic! The opportunity came about through Jonathan’s work for Soundsphere magazine and Disabled Entrepreneurs. Their music is influenced by everything from Judas Priest to Machine […]

Latest TCC-produced Soundspheremag TV episode is out, with We Are The Ocean!

Those of you who’ve been following our progress over the last few years know that all of Soundsphere magazine’s video output has been filmed by us (Mike Leigh Cooper and Jonathan Sillence) thus far! We’ve met some really interesting people, and this latest offering features rock band We Are The Ocean (pictured). The band makes […]

Mike Leigh Cooper works on Jorvik Viking Festival 2013 promo video

Mike Leigh Cooper (pictured) has just finished work on a promotional video for the 28th Jorvik Viking Festival (2013). Mike was tasked with (on behalf of TCC client, Partners PR) constructing an interesting and fluid production looking at the well-established festival’s events and what it has to offer the general public and visitors to the […]

PRESS RELEASE: Emerging Yorkshire rapper Liam Kritikal Powers releases new video for ‘Rebellion’ single

22-year-old Liam Kritikal Powers is on a serious and heartfelt mission; he wants to make a name for himself writing from the heart – about his family, the struggles that he sees around him and the future of the world that we live in.