Jack and Lucia from Twisted Nipple Events share why they love Hull so much

Two of Hull’s most interesting promoters sat down with Dom Smith to chat about their goals, some of their favourite bands and more! Listen: https://audiomack.com/the-hull-yes-podcast/song/episode-14-jack-and-lucia-from-twisted-nipple-events-share-what-they-love Watch:

Hull alt-rockers DEADSET release ‘The Art of Pointscoring’

DEADSET have released their highly charged, emotive debut single THE ART OF POINT SCORING via Mandemolish Records, based in their hometown of Hull. It’s a track where the soaring guitar, a truly hypnotic bass line and a languid vocal shroud a deeply anguished lyric riddled with a resignation and despair. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cmJFq2lZdU […]

Paul “Chunk” Watling talks about his passion for promoting heavy music in Hull, and beyond

Renowned UK heavy metal promoter, Paul “Chunk” Watling talks about his favourite venues, and places n Hull, and more. Listen: https://audiomack.com/the-hull-yes-podcast/song/paul-chunk-watling-talks-about-his-passion-for-promoting-heavy-music Watch:

Hull Yes #12: Sarah Lazenby on how Hull’s music scene has improved over the years

Meek vocalist Sarah Lazenby opens up about just how much the Hull music scene has improved over the last ten years. Listen: https://audiomack.com/the-hull-yes-podcast/song/hull-yes-12-sarah-lazenby-on-how-hulls-music-scene-has-improved Watch: https://www.facebook.com/meektheband/