Dom Smith discusses his counselling work, and wrestling fandom on The Anthony Talks Podcast

Check out this brand new interview by the Anthony Talks Podcast that sees counsellor, and journalist Dom Smith discuss his love of wrestling and characters like Bray Wyatt, alongside his work as a counsellor for people with disabilities, in the music industry and beyond. Here, Anthony asks Dom about launching Wrestlesphere, Screensphere (coming soon for […]

Hull Yes #12: Sarah Lazenby on how Hull’s music scene has improved over the years

Meek vocalist Sarah Lazenby opens up about just how much the Hull music scene has improved over the last ten years. Listen: Watch:

Jamie Mahon talks about building Soundsphere’s print issues, fetish photography and more

Renowned photographer Jamie Mahon discusses the creative process around Soundsphere magazine, and creating and designing the print issues, as well as how he has developed as a photographer. Listen:

Dom Sith soundtracks the pandemic with ‘Playthrough of The End Times’

Mary and The Ram’s Dom Smith returns under his producer guise, DOM SITH in July. “‘Playthrough of The End Times’ is a reflection of the here and now,” says Sith. “It’s the video game soundtrack, or playthrough to our descent into darkness. I find comfort in making music at this time, and whatever you find […]