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The THING (Trembling Hellish Infernal Nightmare Generator) release new single

Nightmares For Children (And Other Stories)’ is the debut soundtrack from York-based HFD (Hypnotic Funeral Drone)-act, The THING (Trembling Hellish Infernal Nightmare Generator)!

Taking some inspiration from drone/doom bands like Sunn O))) and Godflesh, and created with the sole purpose to force people to recoil in absolute disgust, the four-piece (featuring TC6’s Kreecha Honey [guitars, samples] and Seep Away’s Dom Smith [drums]) alongside Mary And The Ram’s Kiran Tanna on vocals/synths and Rotting Monarchs’ James Briggs on bass, combine haunting samples, droning vocals and bass, with ferocious guitar work and intense drums to craft what can only be described as an abrasive, stomach-churning soundtrack to the death and destruction of your emotions…and hearing.

Joe Russell-Brown announces debut EP, ‘Post-Youth Depression’

19-year-old Joe Russell-Brown’s debut EP is a collection of songs created on a cheap microphone and laptop in his grandma’s bungalow. It captures his transition from acoustic songwriter to dream-pop band leader. It’s lo-fi yet anthemic.

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Listen to Proxy Love’s glam-infected new single, ‘Oh My Love (Look At The Mess We’ve Made)’

York, UK-based two-piece, Proxy Love are Nathaniel Foley and Benjamin Ramscar are here with their debut glam-infected indie anthem, ‘Oh My Love (Look At The Mess We’ve Made)’, which takes its classic cues from the decadence of Lou Reed, and the bombastic flair of The Doors. Both Nathaniel and Ben are ex-members of garage rock threesome, The Goodnight Ladies, and this sees the pair take their wired ad colourful musical minds on a whole new, more expositional and diverse journey.

Of the track and its inspirations, Nathanial comments: “This was the first song written after the break-up of my previous band. I’d been watching grainy footage of Bowie performing on his early Ziggy Stardust tour and wrote a narrative around the idea of a larger than life exaggerated glam-rock star playing melancholy pop songs in small clubs, imagining it would look and sound like a space-age Serge Gainsbourg. This was our first attempt, and thought it would make a great introduction to our world.”

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‘Oh My Love (Look At The Mess We’ve Made) was released on September 22, 2017.