Mark Page talks about the development of The Sesh, and engaging Hull’s creative community

Mark Page is a real legend in the Hull music scene, creating opportunities for loads of bands, and music – here, he talks about what he loves about the city of Hull, and advice for younger promoters! Watch: Listen:

Soundsphere’s Dom Smith talks mental health and Cerebral Palsy on the Prelude Podcast

Soundsphere magazine’s Dom Smith recently chatted to Heidi at The Prelude Podcast to discuss mental health, growing up with Cerebral Palsy and more. You can check the chat at the link below:

Soundsphere magazine and Inkblot Films launch fantasy Who Would Win series

To staying creative, and entertain during lockdown, Soundsphere’s Dom Smith and Inkblot Films’ Jay Sillence have launched a YouTube channel (dubbed The Culture Sphere) to discuss fantasy battles, including John Wick versus Wolverine, and Chucky versus Gizmo.