22-year-old Liam Kritikal Powers is on a serious and heartfelt mission; he wants to make a name for himself writing from the heart – about his family, the struggles that he sees around him and the future of the world that we live in.

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 ‘Rebellion’ is a reflection of Liam’s genuine passion and drive, his desire to be counted and make changes both at a local level in his home city of York, and nationally, while simultaneously inspiring other young people to embrace their skills and overcome whatever challenges they might face. ‘Rebellion’ is an anthem for those who need to believe in themselves, to pull themselves up and out from the gutter and into the limelight.

Discussing the significance of the single, Liam comments: “I’ve been putting out free music for so long, and I wanted to push a proper official single and video.” For the production, Kritikal partnered with York-based youth arts organisation, Inspired Youth (Kev Curran – director and editor, Chris James – camera) who produced the video. Kritikal adds: “I think the video for the track is very powerful, there are some quite shocking images in there.”

With ‘Rebellion’, Kritikal doesn’t want to inspire riots, but he does want to challenge people as much as possible to really listen to his music: “Nowadays, I feel like, people just want to hear a bangin’ beat and look and bright lights; people have lost the ability to relate to words in music.”

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The young rapper has already been featured on BBC Introducing numerous times, and has been gaining fans from right across the great musical spectrum at the York Mix and alternative music publication Soundsphere magazine, for his work.

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