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Creative Update: Officers (featuring Gary Numan) – ‘Petals (Extended Cut)’ video is online

Have a look-see below. Watch this raw and extended cut of the brand new collaboration from Officers and Gary Numan. ‘Petals’ was released November 19, in support of the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). We warn you though, it’s a tad gory!

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Creative Update: Watch the first of two videos for the song ‘Petals’ by Gary Numan and Officers

Watch the video for the brand new collaboration from Officers and Gary Numan. ‘Petals’ is released November 19, in support of the charity CALM  (Campaign Against Living Miserably). This is the first of two versions. We worked on the whole project with the band, their creative director Stuart Semple and a whole host of other wonderful creative types. Wait until you see the second version, it’s delightfully gross! Jonathan Sillence worked on the shoot with Mike. He says: “Gary’s a top bloke, and I am really pleased with how the video came out. The first one is out now, but it’s going to have nothing on the second. It was wonderful to be in the same room as so many creative and talented people! We hope to do more with that crew soon.”

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1_of_4// Officers talk about the CALM charity and ‘Petals’

This is 1_of_4// Leeds based electro-rock band Officers first heard of the national suicide prevention charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) through Xfm DJ Eddy Temple Morris who has thankfully worked with them for a long time supporting the cause.

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