1_of_4// Officers talk about the CALM charity and ‘Petals’

This is 1_of_4// Leeds based electro-rock band Officers first heard of the national suicide prevention charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) through Xfm DJ Eddy Temple Morris who has thankfully worked with them for a long time supporting the cause.

This is the first in a series of four videos premiered on The Creative Condition‘s website (done in collaboration with Soundsphere magazine), examining the developing musical relationship between Officers and Gary Numan. We really hope that you enjoy this one, as we think that both bands are definitely worth your time, and the cause that their collaboration supports is just fantastic.

Spread the word about this video and the CALM charity by using the hashtag (on Twitter) #numanxofficers.

Leave us your comments and feedback as well, as we’re going to be working on more of these in the future.

The following video we will unleash comes out next Friday and takes a look at what Gary Numan thinks of the Officers’ sound.

For more information visit the official Gary NumanOfficers and CALM websites.

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