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A small announcement to introduce myself firstly (Jessica) as the new intern at The Creative Condition; I will be working with the guys for the next few weeks, and potentially longer if (it goes well).

I have the great honour of working together with Jonathan on a music video for the band Officers, which is exciting project to be included in!

Speaking of the work done on the video so far, he says: “The idea for the video began following an interview with Jamie [Baker] from Officers, who simply gave me the track and told me to think of a concept to go with it. I listened to the track and noticed a broody, industrial atmosphere in it and thought film noir would work well with it. I researched the concept by watching films such as ‘Double Indemnity’ and ‘Maltese Falcon’ and really immersed myself in the idea; looking at lighting and shot composition and costume.

While I had the idea of using film noir, I was still stuck for a story to go with it, so I met an old friend (and Preston-based film-maker) Peter Gallagher with whom I discussed the basic idea of using a man who is on the search for a girl, but keeps seeing the wrong person. Still keeping it ambiguous we used the literal idea of a man having a winning ticket which is torn in half, and looking for a girl who has the remaining half. It needed to be a simple story in order to get the idea across in four minutes. I wanted to pay homage to the film noir genre as opposed to making a tongue in cheek version, so I will be making it the old fashioned way using no effects.

Following that, I started drawing the storyboard which got turned into an animatic, which I then sent off to Jamie. He then sent it on to the rest of the band and their art director Stuart Semple – we are currently awaiting their response. In the meantime, I have been looking for potential actors, models and locations for the shoot. Although it’s still in a preliminary stage, it’s a very exciting project to be working on and hopefully will lead to future videos in which I can continue the film noir theme.”

I (Jessica) have also been working on potential ideas to launch the video in an innovative way, but its a great track to be working with, so it deserves some special treatment.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the video, so watch this space!

For more information visit the official Officers website.

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