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Mike supports Stuart Semple on Mind video project

York-based film-maker Mike Leigh Cooper (of The Creative Condition) has been working this month with renowned artist Stuart Semple to film shots and support the editing and production process for a short film titled, ‘Every Now And Then I Fall Apart’. The work was commissioned by Mind for Stuart to produce a work documenting the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

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Creative Update: Officers (featuring Gary Numan) – ‘Petals (Extended Cut)’ video is online

Have a look-see below. Watch this raw and extended cut of the brand new collaboration from Officers and Gary Numan. ‘Petals’ was released November 19, in support of the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). We warn you though, it’s a tad gory!

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Mike Leigh Cooper works with Stuart Semple on new Dubstar video

Mike was in London at the beginning of this month working with Lady Gaga, Prodigy and Nike artist (also Officers’ creative director) Stuart Semple on a new video for Brit-pop-shoegaze band, Dubstar.

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