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NEWS: Dom Smith’s journey through York’s Synergy Surgery and Innovation Fair in 2014

What a two days! I have had the honour of observing York’s latest Synergy Surgery (it ran from Wednesday, July 9 through to Thursday, July 10), and I got to meet Yorkshire’s great innovators collaborating with some of Europe’s finest minds as they attempted to tackle, and examine the “right to solve” initiative that is central to York’s bid for the Mayor’s Challenge! What’s that? It’s an international competition to find city-wide innovation projects, run by the Bloomberg charitable trust, for which York has submitted its “right to solve” (or hashtag #right2solve) idea. It’s true that York is the only city taking a community-sourcing approach to idea development, and this event is a large part of both collecting ideas and feedback and proving that giving the city’s community the right to solve the city’s problems is a good idea.

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