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Creative Update: Mike’s Many Missions

The Birdman Rallies - Live Performance video shot in Harrogate

Catching up with our Creative Director, Mike Leigh Cooper, is always a challenge as he seems to always be on the go working on our project and representing us to the wider world.  However, we’ve stolen ten minutes of his time to find out what he’s been up to…

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Numan X Officers 4_of_4// Numan and Officers on the music industry in 2012

4_of_4// Here, Gary discusses being dropped from record labels and the benefits of keeping in control of his own music. He talks about the misconceptions of becoming successful in the music industry and why being signed to a “major” label can often be more of a hindrance than a help, whilst Officers consider why they will never be persuaded to “play the game” and are glad they chose to go their own way. #numanxofficers

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Creative Update: The Infusion Factory

Colin Nuttall of Spinning Top Films, Peter Gallagher and Jonathan Sillence

Our Artistic Director, Jonathan, is putting his talents to use on a project gestating at our current home, The Phoenix Centre, which involves another creative company based there.

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