West Yorkshire prog-rock three-piece, Zeitgeist are getting ready to unleash their unique “terrorjazz”  all over the place.

Watch the video for new track, ‘Thantos’ below:

The band’s keyboardist, Aleks Podraza comments on the track’s inspirations: “This is probably the darkest track we’ve ever played. I remember hearing a track called The Reptilian Brain by the American band Intronaut, and fell in love with the whole riff-over-a-tampura drone thing, and I really just wanted to create my own version of that sound. 

For me personally, the track represents the band’s crossover into a heavier direction. For the people who are interested as well, Thantos is a character from one of my favourite book series called The Broken Empire Trilogy by Mark Lawrence.

Zeitgeist are: Aleks Podraza (keyboards) Sam Quintana (electric bass) and Tom Higham (drums)

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