Hull’s finest alt-rock exports Dead Hormones are releasing their brand spankin’ new EP, ‘Nothing, Nothing.. Then Something’ on February 19 via Warren Records. Good news? Daaamn right.

This four track beast is all snotty, spiky punk smacking metaphorical lips with accessible-as-all-heck stadium-ready alt-rock. That’s that. Simple. There’s no frills here just quality sounds that’ll probably make your day – definitely. Listen, and find out / think for yourself. It’s worth your damn time, trust.

The band comments on the EP’s development: “Most of the songs on the release are only a couple of months old and were all written within a few weeks of each other.

As soon as we wrote these songs we were just really eager to record them. We believe the overall sound of ‘Nothing, Nothing..’ is a big step in the right direction for us, it almost feels like we’ve revamped our style and rediscovered what we really want our music to be.”

Dead Hormones have been carving a pretty awesome reputation performing locally with the likes of Forever Cult, No Nothings, Night Flowers and more, oh, they’ve got some national dates coming up this year. Stay tuned ‘n’ that.

While you’re waiting for the EP – check out ‘General Error’ by the band, here:

Dead Hormones are: Jacob Tillison (guitars, vocals), Ollie Gibson (drums), Tom Greaves (guitar, vocals) and Ben Morrod (bass, vocals)

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