Soundsphere magazine announced as sponsor for Lancashire Lions VI Sports Club

Lancashire Lions Visually Impaired Sports Club are very pleased to announce their new sponsor, Soundsphere magazine. Editor and Founder of the magazine, Dom Smith has provided the club with a very generous £200 to help the club succeed and ensure the young talent coming through have the opportunities to play cricket: socialise and travel in order for them to gain confidence, self-esteem and to live an active and happy life.

Soundsphere cricket

Soundsphere magazine is an alternative music, arts and culture publication based in the North of England, working with local, national and international artists across various genres including, electronica, rock, metal and indie. Of the publication’s creation back in 2008, Editor, Dom Smith comments: “For me, it was about doing something different; I wanted to give opportunities to bands and writers from up North, a chance to gain some great exposure, and we’ve been on some incredible adventures around the world with it so far. He adds: “We love working with charities, and supporting great causes as well. It’s very important in life to take as many opportunities as possible, whether that’s interviewing amazing bands, working with students and young people to workshop journalism skills, or supporting great people to do great things with an awesome team of people.”

Mohammed Salim Patel, Club Press Officer for the Lions said: “As a club we are very grateful for the sponsorship that has been provided. Help from individuals like Dom Smith helps us to carry on our work and fulfil our ambitions towards the visually impaired communities in the North West. On behalf of all the committee and members of the Lancashire Lions, a heartfelt thank you.”

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Soundsphere magazine sponsor

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