When The Creative Condition attends Leeds Festival (to work with Soundsphere magazine), expect interviews…and lots of mud!

Image: Daniel Boud

This is what our Creative Director, Jonathan Sillence had to say on his experience filming a series of video interviews for the York-based music publication at Leeds: “The interviews we took throughout our experience at Leeds Festival capture a variety of music genres with insights to their feeling on the festival vibe and any festival tips they can give. The weather most definitely added to the very muddy, wet experience, in particular trying keeping all our equipment dry! As well as video footage interviewed by Dom [Smith]. Photos and interview were completed from different press pits and areas, which proved hard in the typical Yorkshire weather. The atmosphere created at Leeds was amazing, alongside the fantastic bands I saw it was certainly an unforgettable experience.”

Check out the videos below! To read the full review featuring Jonathan’s photos and videos, see here!

Vicky Hedley
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