York-based media production agency, The Creative Condition have officially released their Behind The Scenes videos taken from the ‘Petals’ video shoot. ‘Petals’ was a single released at the tail-end of last year by York/Leeds-based band, Officers (featuring electronic music legend, Gary Numan on vocals).

All of the track’s proceeds have all been donated in support of the charity, CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably). The Behind The Scenes material (filmed by The Creative Condition’s directors Jonathan Sillence and Mike Leigh Cooper) also features a video interview with CALMzine magazine editor, Rachel Clare.

When reflecting on the shoot, Artistic Director Jonathan Sillence, says: “It was a really awesome experience to work with both Gary and Officers; it was a long shoot, but an exciting one. I had the chance to develop my own skills and working on anything with Mike [Leigh Cooper] is always fun too!

“Of course, we are looking forward to collaborating with Officers, and CALM in the future. Officers are a local band to us, and they have opened up a lot of doors to opportunities both in and outside of the music world for our business. We hope that this will be the start of a very fruitful relationship, and that we can make the most of every opportunity to put out valuable creative content with some great people involved.”

Watch the Behind The Scenes from the video shoot here:


Watch the Behind The Scenes video interview with Rachel Clare here:


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