Creative Update: The Creative Condition supports the Inspire Youth Cafe at Bar Lane Studios

Recently, we helped to promote a Youth Council of York initiative – a youth cafe which has been geared towards supporting young people in the city by providing workshops in media, art and film. In fact, Dom and Jay helped provide a couple of workshops and Mike produced the video that you can see below. Mike says: “We love Bar Lane, and so it’s great to be working with them on a series of workshops and this promotional video. Great stuff.”

Bar Lane Studios hosting duties for a pop up contemporary Youth Café and creative space will have their last hurrah as this phase of the project comes to an end on Friday 5 October 2012.

York Youth Council struck an exciting deal with Bar Lane Studios to host the extra-special Inspire Youth Café, a project which is being funded by the York Young Peoples’ Trust.

Members of the York Youth Council have been working on this unique concept for around three years and are now very enthusiastic about unleashing it into the world. Bar Lane has been a central creative hub within the city over the last few years, acting as essential support for emerging artists and aspiring talent, both locally and nationally. The innovative partnership has allowed the Youth Council’s dedicated and passionate young people the chance to take full control of their vision from setting prices in the café to choosing the content of workshops and promoting the venture to engage an audience; this is no mean feat considering all of those involved in the project are volunteers who are flexing their entrepreneurial muscles (possibly) for the first time ever.

Current York Youth Council members range from 11-to-17-years-old. Following on from recent campaigns to raise awareness and improve support for young people on topics such as public transport, travel prices and poverty in the city (an article written by the Youth Council on that challenging topic can be found in the September issue of One&Other magazine) means that this group of young people are in the very best place to provide what others of the same age need.

Inspire Youth Café will be open from 3.30pm until 9.00pm every week day, and on Saturday until 5.00pm. Bar Lane Studios can be found at the top of Micklegate.

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