Creative Update: Do It, Change It, Live It – In More Ways Than One

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What we do at The Creative Condition often involves sharing our passion and motivation for media production with others.  Our PR and Marketing maestro, Dom, is giving a hand to two projects which reach out to a young audience.

Firstly, there’s a newly-sprung collaboration with our fellow Phoenix Centre tenants, Inspired Youth; where Dom has been offering journalism tips to 16 and 17 year olds in the idyllic setting of the Carlton Lodge outdoor activity centre in Thirsk.

This is part of a campaign called “Do It, Change It, Live It”, co-ordinated by the National Citizen Service and run at a regional level by IY, alongside child development charity North Yorkshire Youth and third-sector funding agency Your Consortium.

“I’ve been looking for an excuse to work with Inspired Youth all year,” admits Dom. “I am so pleased that I finally got my chance, and the Do It, Change It, Live It Campaign is really cool – there are so many great kids involved!”

Another current duty in Dom’s diary takes him across North Yorkshire to the abbey town of Selby.  It’s a project which builds on his long-standing work with NYBEP, a Riding-wide provider of work-based learning sessions.

The media workshop he led at Selby College wasn’t a solo effort; our Artistic Director, Jonathan – who’s also recently become a STEM Ambassador – came along for the ride.  Together, our boys informed students about how they honed their crafts in magazine journalism and graphic design.

Dom says: “I am really happy to have the opportunity to work with NYBEP on a consistent basis, and to be able to bring Jay’s skills in to the equation and support young people around Yorkshire. It’s a real pleasure so far!”

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