Creative Update: Muffin Dancing and German Rapping?!

A promotional image of Venus Viola's Three Minute Muffins

Here at The Creative Condition, we relish the opportunity to work on an esoteric catalogue of content, and two recent examples are testament to this.

Firstly, Mike and Jonathan have worked alongside Sam Lawrence, director of dance company 103 Falling Birds, to create a promotional video for her “Venus Viola’s Three Minute Muffins” piece.  The boys helped the choreographer transform her ideas from storyboard to celluloid; starting with an animatic of Sam’s storyboard concept which helped bring the idea to life before filming.

Mike believes this particular project fits our vision of weird, wonderful and intelligent, adding: “I think it ticks the boxes in terms of the kind of things we want to be working on and when you see it, it really does grab your attention for all the right reasons. It’s definitely weird, wonderful and very intelligent.”

This isn’t the first time some of us have worked with 103 Falling Birds; a few years ago, Mike and Colm produced a film capturing the company’s performance at a gala marking the centenary of Yearsley Swimming Pool in York for local community media group, KhaoZ Media.

Another unique piece we’ve worked on has been on a project funded by the University of Hull in Headlands School, Bridlington.  As part of an university initiative, Mike spent a day observing and interviewing Brid-based German and Music students who had two hours to compose a rap song – and shot a promo video to accompany the project. The video will be on show in the school’s reception and be sent to University of Hull for their records.

“I worked on this to showcase the event so the university can positively show the impact their funds are having towards schools,” Mike comments; “This particular school said it was great for them to get the funding, it really did help them deliver the project.”

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