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Victim Unit unleash aggressive, depressive noise in the form of ‘Hopeless Failure’ this July

Reading-based harsh noise duo Victim Unit have announced their debut EP ‘Hopeless Failure’ to be released on July 3 via their own Hibernacula Record label. The band will also be releasing the EP on Tape the same day exclusively through Affair Records

Victim Unit’s sound is abrasive combining elements of grindcore, metal and industrial, while their live show is an intense, challenging and raucous journey into the pair’s collective consciousness, as they battle issues around mental health, and past trauma.

On the new EP, guitarist and producer, Danny Page [Negative Thought Process] comments: “Hopeless Failure combines both of our influences but also expands into a sound I never thought we would be capable of creating, I feel like we’ve genuinely created Depressive, Aggressive Noise.” Following the pandemic, VU will be announcing a number of tour dates to support the release. 

Victim Unit is: 

Lotta Ridgley: Vocals, Programming

Danny Page: Guitars, Production 

For more information visit:

Mary and The Ram stream Officers remix of latest single, ‘Eclipse’

Hull/York band Mary and The Ram is streaming the Officers remix of their latest single, ‘Eclipse’ now, released recently on The New Anonymous / Forever Underdogs.

Before the remix by Officers’ Jamie Baker, the original version of ‘Eclipse’ was recorded at Melrose Yard Studios in York, UK and co-produced between Kiran, and New York-based producer, Kallie Marie (Explosions For Her Majesty), the band have also hooked in the talents of Dave Ogilvie (The Weeknd, NIN, Skinny Puppy) for mixing, and mastering by Howie Weinberg (Thirty Seconds To Mars, Mars Volta, Nirvana).

MaTR has also made efforts to expand the live sound, recruiting musicians from both York and Hull to join the group as full-time members: Edward Alan Logie (Modern Mood Swings) and Sarah Shiels (Black Delta Movement). Live dates will be announced soon.

Listen to some doom-grind from The Parasitic Twins on ‘God Mode’

Ripping a page from the Bongripper school of lo-fi noise, then setting it on fire via the ways of Napalm Death and Code Orange, Hull/York duo, The Parasitic Twins have released their new EP; ‘GOD MODE’, which came out on Friday, January 31.

Recorded live and raw, at Melrose Yard Studios in York with longtime collaborator Dom Fraser, the hardcore doom-grind band – made up by guitarist/vocalist Max Watt (Rotting Monarchs) and drummer Dom Smith (Mary and The Ram), have performed together previously as part of Seep Away – was born of a desire to create the most abrasive sound possible.

The EP is available here:

Snakerattlers ready new video for ‘Do The Rattle Rock’

2019 has been a massive year for Snakerattlers. They have established themselves firmly in the UK underground music scene, racking up an impressive 100 shows throughout the year.

The forthcoming video for their track ‘Do The Rattle Rock’ is a testament to their constant touring and insatiable work ethic.

The track itself is about feeling like an outsider and struggling to fit in, before ultimately realising that going your own way is paramount. This is basically the ethos and entire foundation of Snakerattlers.

Filmed across six different London shows, throughout 2019, the dangerous duo from North Yorkshire have been captured at their intimidating and ferocious best, by John Clay and Elliott louie Afonso.

The video will be released on Saturday December 7, 2019.