Hull/York band Mary and The Ram is streaming the Officers remix of their latest single, ‘Eclipse’ now, released recently on The New Anonymous / Forever Underdogs.

Before the remix by Officers’ Jamie Baker, the original version of ‘Eclipse’ was recorded at Melrose Yard Studios in York, UK and co-produced between Kiran, and New York-based producer, Kallie Marie (Explosions For Her Majesty), the band have also hooked in the talents of Dave Ogilvie (The Weeknd, NIN, Skinny Puppy) for mixing, and mastering by Howie Weinberg (Thirty Seconds To Mars, Mars Volta, Nirvana).

MaTR has also made efforts to expand the live sound, recruiting musicians from both York and Hull to join the group as full-time members: Edward Alan Logie (Modern Mood Swings) and Sarah Shiels (Black Delta Movement). Live dates will be announced soon.

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