York Business Spotlight: DAYM Fitness

In the first in our series of new business spotlights, we chat to John Hodgson of DAYM Fitness.

How did you start in business?

Myself and Hannah have been personal training for a number of years and set up very successful independent businesses, in 2016 we decided to start up a partnership and invest in setting up a private and personal training studio that is accessible and caters for everyone and would allow us to grow and build as a business.  After a long six months of renovating the building, we successfully opened DAYM Fitness Studios on November 6, 2016 and have been growing in clients ever since.

What’s your mission statement?

We have two phrases that we live by at DAYM Fitness Studios.

‘For those who demand the best’ and ‘Personal trainers that care’. We always aim to go above and beyond for our clients and make sure that they feel like part of the fitness family we are building at the studio.

Due to us having a private and intimate studio and reception area, it helps people feel at home and relaxed whilst getting the best results possible from out expert personal trainers.

What are your greatest challenges? 

Our greatest challenge lies in making sure that we find staff that fit our ethos and assuring that they will put in 100 per cent dedication towards our clients, we have recently hired two more staff after conducting over 15 interviews and are confident we have made some very good choices.

Talk to us about the diversity of your clients?

We have an extremely diverse client base at DAYM Fitness Studios, training people from the ages of 17- 75, all of whom have different levels of health and fitness.

We are currently working with clients who are purely looking to improve their way of life, and also with more challenging cases such as clinical obesity, autism, injuries and clients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  We feel very happy that our clients feel very safe and looked after, and hope to continue this trend when we look at opening more facilities.

What makes your business different?

Our business is definitely different from the normal personal training you get elsewhere, as I’ve already mentioned we always go the extra mile with clients. For example. We will make sure we are there for them when they are struggling, we offer lots of out of hour support, and plan events and night outs where all of them can get together and feel part of our ever growing fitness family. At DAYM Fitness Studios, you are never without a friend.

We’ve got lots of plans for the future, but the main one is to expand the brand across the country with a number of Studios, which all bring the same high level of personal training that you just wont get anywhere else.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to show that there is a huge gap in the market for top level personal training, and we know for sure that we are the company to provide that.


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