Leeds’ prog-rock three-piece, Zeitgeist are getting ready to unleash their unique genre of Final Boss Music into the world.

New single, ‘The Brightest Stars Leave The Blackest Holes’ is an absolute juggernaut of sound and belting fury, taking in the most electrifying, uplifting textural and progressive parts of Muse and smashing them against the abrasive full-on power and energy of Meshuggah.

The new single is taken from the ‘Vacuums’ EP, released on Friday, March 17.

Zeitgeist’s keyboardist, Aleks Podraza comments on the track’s inspirations: “The tune in itself is about planetary death, and how nothing is permanent, no matter how big. The title can also be considered an allegory for human death, and how we miss the ‘brightest stars’ amongst us.

I spent a lot of time during my wrestle with my own existence and its meaning looking up the different theories surrounding the big bang. One theory I came across was that the big bang was a result of a past universe being swallowed up by a huge black hole, but so dense was the mass that the black hole became that it itself collapse and a huge explosion of matter happened. And here we are. So expiration and death, in accord to this theory, are just part of our universe’s cyclic existence, which I found a comforting and inspiring thought.”

Watch the band’s new video for the single here:

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