Chester-based alt-electronic act, The Ladder will release their new single, ‘Down’ on May 30 via York label, Anonymous Records.

The Ladder are production duo Addz Vindicare [vocals, bass, production] and Danny Ryder [synths, vocals] – ‘Down’ as a track moves The Ladder beyond the trappings of pure industrial-EBM, and incorporates elements of shoegaze that will appeal to fans of Gary Numan, My Bloody Valentine and more recent Nine Inch Nails.

Of The Ladder’s signing, Anonymous’ Dom Smith comments: “I saw The Ladder’s progression, and the overall diversity in this new material, and new we had to do something with it. I love industrial and EBM music, but this is so much more, and it’s certainly something very different for Anonymous Records – just the like The Ladder are evolving, so are we.”

Stream a teaser of the track here:

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