Baroque pop act, The Birdman Rallies will release the new album, ‘Real River’ on Monday, February 9, 2015.

The album was written and recorded and played almost entirely by frontman and songwriter Daniel Webster over the course of 2014. A fan of both classic songwriting and raw expression, his music has both. Webster states that, “Influences come from everywhere, everyday.”

He adds: “On ‘Real River’ each song takes a situation and seeks to explore a segment of that world. ‘Real River’ was never intended to be a whole album, but as the ideas gained momentum and a cohesive sound emerged, it took shape. The title was taken from a lyric meaning to jump into the real rather than the metaphorical river; doing it rather than just talking about it.”

Listen to and stream the new track ‘Dissolve Into the Black’ from the album, below:

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