Portland, Oregon-based electro-indie-rock three-piece Bombs Into You have announced the release of ‘Evasive Me’ for free download. The track comes from the band’s debut full-length album, ‘Shake’ which is available now. We’ve started doing press for the band’s new track…

‘Evasive Me’ is an emotive and hard-hitting reflection about what it’s like to care for someone too much. Sonically, it’s all about playful 80s synths, powerful, skyscraping riffage, proper rock beats and serious soothing vocals. The band’s chief songwriter and vocalist, Jaren Jensen comments: “Sometimes someone hooks you in, and it can be difficult to let that go. I think it’s kind of a universal sentiment in the end.”

The tune itself is a great insight into the gritty and intensely personal nature of ‘Shake’ as an album. “I had just ended a relationship and was single for the first time in years, and soon after fell in love with the wrong person, which was all hard to get through. There is a lot of anxiety that went into the themes of this record – that’s why it’s called ‘Shake’. I’ve always tried to be vulnerable when I work, and I think ‘Shake’ is the most honest, vulnerable thing I could’ve done,” Jensen adds. “The payoff is when I get to sing all these songs in front of people. I know where they came from – but they don’t. And yet, they’re still with me, in that room, in that moment.”

It is this brutal honesty and depth that has gifted BIY a dedicated fanbase since the band formed, as well as some notable admirers. “We played ‘Sucker’ [the closing track from ‘Shake’] last August at this little house party, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. 30 or so people, and they were all just with me. Amanda Palmer was there, and afterwards she told me that our songs were beautiful. Those moments validate all the frustration and anxiety that have informed the songs – there’s a therapeutic ‘letting go’, and a way of communicating that’s truly unique.”

Bombs Into You is: Gage Choat (guitars), Jared Jensen (keyboards, vocals) and Kevin Woodruff (drums)

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