Yorkshire electro-rockers Digicore are set to release a crazy cyborg-infested animated video for the first single from their recently released album, ‘More Than Just An Ape’ on November 15. In celebration of this event, the band are unleashing ‘You’re Not Like Me’ for free download as a special gift in time for Halloween.

‘You’re Not Like Me’ is inspired directly by vocalist Danny Carnage’s interest in all things sci-fi, and his desire to challenge established views of society and our roles within it. He comments: “The song is about alienation, and that constant struggle that some people face just being a part of a world that many take for granted,” he adds: “With this track, I wanted to explore the commonly held belief that it’s the system that’s broken, and ask the question: What if the system is fine, and it is really me that is broken?”

The video (released next month) was directed and produced by North Yorkshire media production company, The Creative Condition. The brief from Danny to the group was a simple one, “I’d like a post-apocalyptic comic-style video…with cyborgs.”

Digicore’s ‘More Than Just An Ape’ is out now on Armalyte Industries.


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