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Media Production / Training Self Shooting Director & Producer / Editor / Project Assistant / Workshop Leader / Audio / Video Vox Pop / Interviews / Documentary / Shorts I work with people to explore and publish stories about their business using audio and video. I develop and deliver workshops in arts organisations, charities, and school I work in the UK and Europe; and in 2011 I was selected as the UK Relay’ Reporter - one of the 27 Relay Reporters participating to the Relay section of the European Year of Volunteering. I produced two audiovisual reports in Lithuania as well as a series of blogs describing my daily activities that captivated a large audience across all 27 European Member states; reaching more than 100,000 viewers and contributing to the 1.6 million impressions as part of the global reach of the project.

Creative Update: Promotional video for Galtres following Festival Awards nominations

In August 2012, Mike went down to Galtres Festival in Crayke near York and produced a video. Following their nominations at the Festival Awards, we would like to see the video contributing to the festival gaining more votes. We would love to see them win an award.

Save Time and Add an Interactive Text Box for PDF in Open Office

Open Office - View > Form Controls

It’s a simple problem that doesn’t seem to be one that is being addressed – but just think back to each and every other job application form you have filled out and tell me how many of them were a pleasant or easy experiences?

If your experience is anything like mine, the answer to that will be that they have universally been an unpleasant pain. The same applies to the majority of PDF documents which require information – you can get the form, but there aren’t often text boxes. Does that mean we have to print out a page, fill it out and scan it in or research online for a way to do it? Yes, but it shouldn’t mean that.

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