PRESS RELEASE: Accessible Britain launches trial flight in association with Aerobility

An exciting event is taking place this Friday, as the Basingstoke-based disability travel publication, Accessible Britain have helped a reviewer for their website take to the skies as part of an Aerobility trial flight on. The flight by Steve Wilkinson will take place on Friday, April 19 at 11am at Blackbushe Airport in Hampshire.


The prize was donated by Aerobility as a reward for the best review sent in to The destination website has become a new and exciting forum for the disabled community to share positive experiences of accessible places throughout the UK.

Accessible Britain founder Stewart White’s own passions for beating back a challenge fuelled the competition idea: “I had a trial flight with Aerobility in 2009, and enjoyed it so much that I knew that it would be a perfect prize to award. As a disabled person, I felt empowered again and would never of thought about undertaking such an activity!”

Stewart adds on that he needs as much support as he can get for his website, and so when writers like Steve Wilkinson contribute work (in this case it was Steve’s review of St George’s Hotel in Llandudno that won him the opportunity to fly), it really helps. He says: “It is the first of many competitions that we hope to award. So send in reviews!

“People can support the flight by registering on and reviewing any accessible place, hotel, holiday or extreme activity in Britain; for example, a country park, a sports centre, a tandem skydive, UK holiday destination or even your favourite place to go out for a coffee! We need your reviews! Visit the site and get involved.”

Accessible Britain’s vision is to create a community of like-minded people to share information about the accessibility of public places, venues, locations and transport interchanges. The audience, many of whom face the daily challenge of disability, will be given the facility to share experiences and opinions. To report beyond the “wheelchair” symbol and help others find the best places to go based on actual user experience.

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