Chester’s Sourdough Music Festival returns for a second year

As the summer festivals wind down, the live music continues to thrive in Chester city this Autumn. This October, online music magazine Soundsphere ( and Sourdough present their exciting second event in Chester, following their successful event last year.

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Harrison Rimmer readies new single, ‘Old Heart’

Hailing from Blackpool, Harrison Rimmer’s gruff, passionate sounds have resonated with many over the years, with core influences ranging from Frank Turner to Springsteen via Nirvana. This new stuff however, is a little more pop-orientated, and takes its direction from the sweeter, more romantic sensibilities of Savage Garden and the heart-on-sleeve anthemic quality of Manchester Orchestra.

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Dom Sith returns with a creepy video game-inspired soundtrack, ‘Whisper’

Hull, UK based soundtrack and minimal electronic composer, Dom Sith (otherwise known as Dom Smith of Mary And The Ram, Seep Away and The Parasitic Twins) returns with a new video game-style track that’s heavily influenced by cyberpunk culture. He comments: “Man, I’ve always loved the culture of cyberpunk, and I wanted to build something that could soundtrack someone’s emotions if they were either playing, or inside this video game…in my head! Ha!”

Featuring lighter chiptune elements that move away from Sith’s darker sound, this represents a move towards more peaceful sonic exploration. “I’m not a vocalist, I’ve made peace with that now, I mean…I do miserable spoken word bollocks from time-to-time, but that’s about it. I want to focus my energy on soundtrack stuff that makes people chill out, and get them to imagine, if only for a moment that they are in another world.”

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Hull-based lifestyle blog aims to help end stigma around mental health and disability

A new lifestyle website and blog, based out of C4DI in Hull aims to help end the stigma around mental health and disability.

Wobbling About And Rocking Out (WARO) was developed by Hull-born disabled entrepreneur, Dom Smith who has Cerebral Palsy – the idea was developed during his time working for The Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship at MIT in Boston, Massachusetts, and has since taken shape following Dom’s move back to Hull, for the first time in over ten years after a period spent working in Manchester and York, and a stint working as a freelance journalist (and Storyteller In Residence) in America.

Dom now hopes to use his contacts across the disability sector, through the business he co-founded, Disabled Entrepreneurs (a project that offers free advice and support to disabled people who want to start their own business), and in the music, arts and entertainment sector (via Soundsphere, an alternative music blog covering local, national and international artists) to tell inspiring and motivational stories. The end goal is to motivate people with disabilities and mental health issues considering careers in the creative sector, as well as other industries where possible.

“The original plan was for it to just be a clothing line with a cool logo and imagery,” comments Dom. “I wanted to amalgamate everything I’d done with Soundsphere and Disabled Entrepreneurs to create a resource where people could go, and find out information, ways of coping and also read about inspiring individuals from a range of career backgrounds – in music, or the arts, principally but not exclusively – who have achieved despite a range of challenges.”

The aim of the site is to first generate content via members of the public in Hull, and the surrounding areas before starting to speak to internationally acclaimed bands, creatives, businesses and artists about the stigma behind mental health and/or disability and how they have combatted that themselves.

“I hope that we can spread the message through collaborations with Hull’s young people, as well as amazing spaces like C4DI and The Warren Youth Project, before taking the whole thing global.”

Content is currently being added to WARO’s new website which was built at C4DI in collaboration with Mattix Design, and branded by Hull artist Jessica Eleanor Zchorn (Jesse Zee Creative), at:

If you would like to submit your own inspiring story, you can do so via the site’s Get In Touch page. For more information you can also visit: