Minimal Producer God Is 7 Unveils His Soundtrack to Social Distancing, “Dyst0pia”

God Is 7 is the name under which Hull, UK music producer Dom Sith continues to release his minimal electronic beats. Today, to help move and groove you through your week, GI7 returns with his latest single, “Dyst0pia.” A top option for your soundtrack to social distancing, this song begs to be cranked up.

Commenting on the new cut, Sith notes, “Seriously, what else was I gonna do with my time? I wanted to come out with something, to soundtrack how I was feeling in this current time, and hopefully some other people can get into it too. It’s the soundtrack to society as it stands today. For better or worse.”

Listen below:

Soundsphere magazine and Inkblot Films launch fantasy Who Would Win series

To staying creative, and entertain during lockdown, Soundsphere’s Dom Smith and Inkblot Films’ Jay Sillence have launched a YouTube channel (dubbed The Culture Sphere) to discuss fantasy battles, including John Wick versus Wolverine, and Chucky versus Gizmo.

Watch death stalk Nottingham’s streets in the new Parasitic Twins video

Watch the new video from Yorkshire doom metal duo The Parasitic Twins below.

On the video’s ideas, director Aeris Houlihan (Witch Of The East): “It’s a story of two dark entities coming together in the palace of our world.”

Starring: Camille Alexander (A Void) and Tommy Keeling / Jonny Nightmares.

Taken from ‘GOD MODE’, available to buy on BANDCAMP:

Victim Unit unleash aggressive, depressive noise in the form of ‘Hopeless Failure’ this July

Reading-based harsh noise duo Victim Unit have announced their debut EP ‘Hopeless Failure’ to be released on July 3 via their own Hibernacula Record label. The band will also be releasing the EP on Tape the same day exclusively through Affair Records

Victim Unit’s sound is abrasive combining elements of grindcore, metal and industrial, while their live show is an intense, challenging and raucous journey into the pair’s collective consciousness, as they battle issues around mental health, and past trauma.

On the new EP, guitarist and producer, Danny Page [Negative Thought Process] comments: “Hopeless Failure combines both of our influences but also expands into a sound I never thought we would be capable of creating, I feel like we’ve genuinely created Depressive, Aggressive Noise.” Following the pandemic, VU will be announcing a number of tour dates to support the release. 

Victim Unit is: 

Lotta Ridgley: Vocals, Programming

Danny Page: Guitars, Production 

For more information visit: